AUDIO: Latest radio ad on why workers want to strike

Atlantic City casino workers sacrificed a lot when times were tight. Now, they just want whats fair.  Read more

BREAKING: Today, 96% of workers from 4 Atlantic City casinos vote to authorize a strike with a July 1 deadline

ACStrikeVoteStatement from Bob McDevitt, President, UNITEHERE Local 54:

“Today thousands of workers from Tropicana, Caesars, Bally’s and Harrah’s voted to authorize a strike on July 1 if they don’t have a fair contract. The vote was 96% in favor. We have told the companies that we are available days, evenings, and weekends to negotiate. The balls in their court. They need to offer these workers a fair contract. We gave up a lot when times were bad, now that they are making money, they need to give back to us.”

BREAKING NEWS: Atlantic City Casino Workers Report Overwhelming Support for Strike

Thousands of Servers, Housekeepers Expected to Authorize July 1st Walk-off – Casinos’ Biggest Holiday Weekend of the Year Read more

Atlantic City Update

updateFollowing the negotiations of the Caesars properties on May 23-24, workers were insulted by the company’s response and refusal to restore concessions left over from the 2011 contact, in which the workers gave up vacation, holiday, over-time pay and wage increases. As a result, Thursday June 2nd, approx. 350 workers held meetings concerning negotiations at the Tropicana and the three Caesars properties (Caesars, Bally’s and Harrah’s) in Atlantic City. The meetings included heated discussions of proposals from both the union and the companies. Workers left the meeting feeling empowered and ready for a fight as the meeting ended with a consensus of a strike vote. Today, workers from four hotels and casinos decided to vote on June 16th for their first strike in over 10 years.