Press Release: New Way for Public to Support Striking Trump Taj Mahal Workers

Contact: Diana Hussein,, 313-460-3119

Workers have been struggling for 22 months under Icahn’s Reign of Terror at Trump Taj Mahal

GoFundMe Page

(Atlantic City, NJ) — Union members at the Trump Taj Mahal announced the creation of a GoFundMe campaign for the Local 54 Hardship Fund. The funds will be used to provide assistance to workers hit hard by Carl Icahn’s destruction of good jobs at the casino.

“Workers have been struggling under Carl Icahn’s reign of terror at the Trump Taj Mahal for over 22 months. Their benefits have been stripped away, and now, Icahn has said that he will close the place in 2 months. These women and men have been on strike for over a month to defend middle class jobs. People ask all the time how they can support the strikers; this GoFundMe campaign is one way to do that,” said Donna Decaprio, Financial Secretary-Treasurer of UNITE HERE Local 54.

In October 2014, Donald Trump supporter, Carl Icahn, used the bankruptcy process to strip 1,000 workers of their health insurance, pensions, paid lunch breaks and increase the workload for some. On average, the workers total compensation has been cut by more than 30%. As a consequence of Icahn’s cuts, about one-third have no health insurance while another 50% rely on some form taxpayer subsidized insurance. A portion of the 1,000 workers rely on other government programs, like food stamps.

On July 1, 2016, Trump Taj Mahal workers took a stand against Carl Icahn’s policies and went on strike for the same contract that other Atlantic City casino workers have.

Icahn was intimately involved in the decision to strip workers of their benefits. According to documents filed with the bankruptcy court, Icahn and the then-management of the Trump Taj Mahal began working together on a strategy to reject Local 54 contract over a month before the company filed for bankruptcy.

“Shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Carl Icahn took my healthcare away.  The Local 54 Hardship Committee helped pay my medical bills.  I don’t know what I would have done without their help,” said Patricia Mazur, a 26-year cocktail server at the Trump Taj Mahal.

The Unite Here Local 54 Hardship Fund assists strikers who are experiencing financial difficulties with paying rent, mortgage, utility payments, medical bills and other essential expenses.

Donations will assist strikers who are experiencing financial difficulties. Donations from employers are not permitted and donations are not tax deductible.  All donations will be handled in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.

Link to GoFundMe Campaign