UNITE HERE Local 54 President Bob McDevitt Statement on Taj Mahal Letter

Bob McDevitt, President, UNITE HERE Local 54:

“This company took healthcare off the table 20 months ago. Can you imagine what it is like to work in this city—to spend your days doing the backbreaking work of cleaning hotel rooms or walking all over the casino floor serving drinks in high heels—without health insurance? To worry about how you’ll afford a trip to the doctor if your child gets sick? These workers have been without healthcare for almost 2 years because of this company, and now, 1/3 have no insurance and another 50% rely on taxpayer subsidized health care. Their average compensation was cut by over one-third, and then, to rub their noses in it, this company offered them health insurance that was essentially half of what every other property agreed to, including the Taj’s sister casino. These workers want to know why it is okay for Trop workers to be able to go to the doctor, but not them. The company continually holds up the Trop as an example of a property that was doing poorly and is now doing well. At no point did the Tropicana propose eliminating health benefits for the workers. Why is the Taj different? We have said from the outset that the Taj would never be profitable unless it partnered with the union. Part of the reason that the property continues to do poorly is BECAUSE of how it has treated its workforce.”