“I work at Caesars in Atlantic City. Business is good these days!… My casino is making money… Money for the Wall Street equity funds that own it… Workers like us are the ones who make that possible… but we’re struggling to get by… Back when I started, casinos were good, middle-class jobs… But when the chips were down, and my casino was in trouble, we made sacrifices – freezing our pay and reducing our benefits… In 12 years, my pay has only gone up 80 cents, even though I’ve worked here for 26 years, cleaning rooms… After 25 years of working on the floors and working on my feet, I only make 9 dollars an hour. That’s just not enough to get by…. It’s not enough to support my family… I have friends who work full-time here that have to rely on welfare… But hey, business is back this year!… Caesars owners just received 50 million dollars in executive bonuses – for this year alone!… It’s time the Wall Street funds who own our casinos gave us a raise… My union, UNITE HERE, paid for this message.”

Local 54 Healthcare Action