acslide1The gaming industry is different from every other industry in New Jersey. It is the only one that the citizens of the state voted to allow. As the Press of Atlantic City reminds us, “jobs with good benefit levels were a central goal of legalized gambling in New Jersey.” Every casino in Atlantic City provides Local 54 members with “good benefit levels”— except the Taj Mahal.

And the impact on the men and women who work there has been devastating.

This report shows the impact that the loss of health insurance has had on the workers at the Taj Mahal and their families.

Download: Taj Mahal Healthcare Report 2016Don't Play With Our Healthcare

Local 54 conducted a survey of its members at the Taj Mahal in March 2015, and found that forty-four percent (44%) of those surveyed had no health insurance, and an additional 23% were relying on government subsidies to pay for insurance.

In March 2016, Local 54 conducted a follow up survey, collecting responses from just under 500 Taj Mahal workers1. In particular, this report finds:

“Broke – Can’t get treatment”2:
The largest group, 33%, still have no insurance. Just under 50% of Local 54 members are now receiving taxpayer-subsidized insurance either through Obamacare, Medicare or Medicaid.

“All money goes to healthcare; losing apartment”:
The average premium the Taj Mahal workers are paying for Obamacare is $204 per month, with a deductible that averages $2,455.

“Have to cut down on medicine due to not being able to afford”:
72% have serious medical conditions affecting themselves or their families that have been impacted by the loss of UNITE HERE Healthcare.

“Almost homeless”:
82% have had difficulties paying essential bills.

Download the PDF of the full report here.